Friday, April 1, 2011

Something In The Air

It is so funny how when the weather changes and one day of sun causes people to break out their tank tops, sandals, shorts, miniskirts, and halter tops.  On this particular night there must’ve been something in the air because the women were in rare form and I’ll explain shortly.
The first thing that struck me as being odd was the attire of women on this particular night.  It was somewhat chilly and had rained but not warm enough for women to wear what they had on.  I mean there were miniskirts, shirts that had their breast hanging out, skirts that looked like a werewolf clawed them across the chest and revealed everything, see through tops and the list goes on and on.  By no means am I complaining the eye candy was in abundance but for that time of year it was just strange.
So that was the first clue that something was in the air, the second occurrence was how they were acting.  I must provide a disclaimer for the next piece because I can’t really edit what this woman said to me because it was so powerful that I had no clue how to respond and I want you to understand how I felt when she said it.  So this woman attended the establishment with her husband for a date night.  They ordered a couple of beers and proceeded to a table, to make a long story short after a few shots and more beer she became more vocal about her feelings.  Keep in mind that she was married, on one particular visit to order a drink she boldly says, “If I wasn’t married and had four kids, I would fuck the shit out of you!”  How do you respond to that? How would you respond to that? (feel free to leave your comments) All I could think of to say was, “Thank You?” I’ve been told a lot of things but that threw me for a big loop.  As if that wasn’t enough and the night progressed even more stuff happened.
So the next thing that happened was a co-worker of mine was given a number.  She came up to the bar and said, “I know that I may not have a chance but I wanted to give you my number anyway.”  Who says that with such confidence?  That wasn’t the end of the shenanigans, later on that night a woman gave me her number too!  I asked my co-worker, “What in the world is going on tonight?”  All he could say was, “I don’t know man it is a weird night.”  I just thought myself there has to be something in the air.
This is why I will be scared to get married, because I see and hear so much stuff from married women that it makes me think twice.  If they behave like this when their married, I can only imagine how they were when they were single.  Stay tuned tommorrow for "What Happened?: Rock a Bye Baby"
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