Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't Do It

This story is an explanation of why you should not over drink.  I have witnessed some strange, interesting, and some downright stupid behaviors of people after they’re intoxicated.  This story is about a couple of those behaviors.
On one particular night after I got off, I was heading to my car and noticed a woman stumbling towards a closed business.  I thought it was rather strange so I paused for a moment to see what she was up to (bad idea).  There was a potted tree near the entrance of the door, this woman was wearing a skirt and decided to pull her underwear down and urinate next to the tree.  I don’t think she got started because she fell down while attempting to crouch.  A security officer noticed the same actions and stated that she couldn’t do that there.  The sad part is I think she either fell asleep or blacked out during the process.
On another occasion similar to the first I was in the parking deck heading to my car again.  I noticed a woman sitting at the base of a support column.  She was apparently crying because her makeup was running down her face.  What made this scene even stranger was below her.  If you have ever poured water down a slope or witnessed something similar you understand what that looks like.  Well picture the same thing but underneath this woman.  I was looking trying to understand why there was a puddle of water running down the parking deck and the reason was because it came from the woman.  She was so intoxicated that she urinated on herself and just sat in it and watched it run down the deck.  I asked if she was ok and she nodded in agreement, I made it to my car and informed one of the attendants of her location.
It is one thing do drink, be social, and have a good time with friends.  It’s another thing to drink until you can’t control your bodily functions.  Behaviors like this just are not safe and can possibly get you in trouble.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a story called "Company Ink (Part 2)."

           These stories are real accounts, so if you plan to drink and have a good time do so responsibly. Remember to call a cab or a friend because the cost of a DWI is way more than a $20 cab ride home. Also, if you plan or happen to take someone home use protection. For two reasons, one there are many STD’s floating out there and it only takes one to ruin your life or that of others. The second reason is because a $3 condom is less expensive then 18 years of raising a child.  If you're interested in becoming a bartender or want to learn more about bartending visit

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