Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Happened?: National Title

So after her team won the National Title she decided to go out and party with her friends. She left her car at the stadium parking lot and walked to the local pub (responsible drinker).  After many beers (even one she didn't finish) she decided to go back to her car and sleep "in" it instead of driving (responsible drinker).  The only problem was she couldn't get her keys to work.  So she decided to sleep "on" her car.  Well she probably could have slept "in" her car if she tried the keys on the right car (hers is the green one next to it).  Meanwhile the guy in the black shirt is wondering why some random chick is sleeping on his car. 

This story is merely my interpretation of "What Happened?" Stay tuned on Monday for the "Recipe of the Week: Starry Night."  If you're interested in becoming a bartender or want to learn more about bartending visit
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