Friday, November 5, 2010

Top Ten Things Bartenders Hate

10.) Grabbing drinks before we hand them to you
It is so aggravating when I’m making drinks and people start grabbing them before I finish (i.e putting a straw in, garnish, etc.)
9.)  Single ordering
“Let me get a…” I make the drink, “and a…” I make the drink, “oh and a…”
8.)  Saying you’ll tip later
Nine times out of ten they never do
7.)  Complaining about drink
Bars don’t water down alcohol (at least most bars) and if you want a strong drink order something on the rocks or on the rocks with a splash
6.)  Not knowing what you want before you approach the bar
It makes our job so much easier when you know what you want
5.)  Saying “Just make me something” or “Give me a beer”
We don’t know what you like or don’t like, and most bars have more than one beer, so saying give me a beer is like going to a car dealership and saying “Give me a car.”
4.)  People who think the garnishes are a buffet
Every once in a while people will partake of the olives or cherries as if they were eating popcorn or something
3.)  People who intentionally order the wrong drink
Occasionally people will order the wrong drink in hopes that I will still give them the wrong drink anyway.  Because they know it’s going to be thrown out
2.)  Yelling "Hey" or whistling to get our attention
It is so rude when people do this, "Excuse me" or something to that effect is more polite
1.) No tip or insufficient tip
Bartenders work off tips, so when you don’t tip it affects our well being.  Insufficient tip is almost as bad as no tip (15 -20% is  customary).  If you ever wonder why you got bad service or your second beverage wasn’t as good as the first?  If you didn’t tip that’s probably why   

Stay tuned tomorrow for a story called "A Big Bird, Not on Sesame Street."

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