Saturday, November 20, 2010

Up and Arms

This story begins as any normal shift does, popping bottles and mixing alcoholic beverages.  It was a fairly slow night so it made observing the behaviors of others easy.  I had consumed plenty of water which in turn made my visits to the restroom quite frequent.  This story involves one woman, we’ll call her Sarah.  Sarah was out with two of her friends having a girl’s night out.  They were probably in their latter thirties early forties in age.  It is amazing what people do when alcohol is involved.
On one particular return trip from the restroom, Sarah stops me and is holding out her hands palms facing up.  I had a puzzled look on my face and asked what she needed.  I am the type of person who doesn’t like to be touched by strangers and try to return the favor to others.  So while she had her hands out I was immediately hesitant to give her my hands.  It caught me off guard and just out of a sheer reaction provided her my hands.  This was a total mistake because I would never expect someone to do what she did next.  Susan pulled me towards her and began groping my arms as if she was giving me a pat down or something.  In total shock I pulled away and kindly asked her what in the world she was doing.  She had a seductive look about her face and just smiled, I felt violated and did the best I could to sanitize my arms especially after what I saw shortly after.
After Susan groped me I began paying particular attention to her location so I could stay away as far as possible.   While doing so, I noticed a white bandage on her arm as if she had just given blood, had surgery, or something else.  I was even more distraught then I was before and felt even more violated.  What made the situation even worse was that every so often Susan would ask if she could touch my arms again.  I wanted to tell her what was really on my mind but refrained and kindly told her no.  I guess Susan had a thing for muscles because a gentleman with a similar physique soon appeared and Susan was on him like white on rice.  All I could do was shake my head and be glad that her attention was diverted to him.
                Some people are the touchy feely type and that’s just their nature, but keep in mind that not everyone likes to be touched by strangers.  Stay tuned on Monday for the “Recipe of the Week: Carrot Cake.”

                These stories are real accounts, so if you plan to drink and have a good time do so responsibly. Remember to call a cab or a friend because the cost of a DWI is way more than a $20 cab ride home. Also, if you plan or happen to take someone home use protection. For two reasons, one there are many STD’s floating out there and it only takes one to ruin your life or that of others. The second reason is because a $3 condom is less expensive then 18 years of raising a child.

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