Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Happened?: X-Games

So the kid in the blue jacket had one too many Three Wise Men shots.  Unfortunate for him he also plans to try out for next years X-Games competition.  His mentor is the the guy next to him with the Charlie Brownish sweater on.  You can tell he used to practice BMX back in his day because of his missing front teeth.  Well the mentor suggested the guy try his new kick flip to grind trick "after" they had been drinking.  He said, "If you can land it drunk then you can definitely land it sober." Thinking it was a good idea the kid tried it and failed miserably as you can see.  He lost a shoe and wrapped himself around the picnic table.  His mentor thought it was the funniest thing ever and decided to capture the moment and drink to his demise.

This story is merely my interpretation of "What Happened?" Stay tuned on Monday for the "Recipe of the Week: Mind Eraser."  If you're interested in becoming a bartender or want to learn more about bartending visit

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