Friday, December 17, 2010

A Penny for My Thoughts

As a bartender I have to deal with many different personalities, walks of life, backgrounds, etc.  In addition there are also people who understand and respect the service industry and those who do not.  This is particularly evident based on their tipping patterns.  I must admit that before I worked in the service industry, I was one of those kids who left penny tips and left notes that said, “Tip: Give better service.”  But those are childish actions and grown people shouldn’t behave in these manners.  Such is the case in this particular story.
It was near closing time and I had started on my closing duties so I wouldn’t be there late.  I was unaware that a guest was waiting to order a beverage, once I noticed I greeted him and completed his order.  I resumed my cleaning duties and circled back around to where I just served this gentleman.  As I was doing so I noticed that he left this nice, round, brown penny as a tip.  Already being disturbed from the shift this just capped off the night.  In frustration I flung the penny across the bar (in the opposite direction of the guest) and he knew that he left some BS because he immediately turned around.  He came back angrily at the bar and asked, “Are you throwing things at me?”  I quickly replied, “No I didn’t throw your penny at you, actually I flung it over there…”
He apparently thought it was rude because he requested a manager (I thought it was rude that he actually reached in his pocket and pulled out a penny).  I explained the situation to her and she spoke with him.  I liked this manager because she didn’t really take any stuff from guest, most of the time she had the employees back.  In this particular instance she had my back because she pretty much stated that, “You can’t leave a penny and not expect a reaction, and you would have been better off leaving nothing.”  He stormed off and I continued doing my closing duties.
For those of you who think leaving pennies or change that doesn’t add up to a dollar is funny or cute, just imagine your employer writing you a check for those same pennies or change.  If you decide to do so don’t get mad at the server or bartenders reaction.

            These stories are real accounts, so if you plan to drink and have a good time do so responsibly. Remember to call a cab or a friend because the cost of a DWI is way more than a $20 cab ride home. Also, if you plan or happen to take someone home use protection. For two reasons, one there are many STD’s floating out there and it only takes one to ruin your life or that of others. The second reason is because a $3 condom is less expensive then 18 years of raising a child.

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