Friday, December 10, 2010

Toys for Tots

Tis the season for giving, being thankful, and spending time with family or loved ones.  It is also the season of helping others who are in need.  This story involves a charity event catered to help the “Toys for Tots” foundation.
Along with this time of year comes the company Christmas party.  This particular night I had the pleasure of working this company party slash charity event.  A few months prior a gentleman visited the establishment to see if it was large enough to host this event.  He seemed like an average guy, down to earth, and had a good personality.  So I had no reason to suspect anything otherwise from this event.  Oh what a surprise it would turn out to be.
Well the evening for the event came and two females came early to decorate and set up for the evening as well as the DJ.  No suspicion there that was pretty normal for an event.  When the guest list started to arrive was when I started to worry or question what the event “actually” was.  A few men arrived dressed rather “loudly” (for lack of better word) and after while I questioned the other bartender who was working with me.  I asked him, “Are you noticing that there are only men here?”  He replied, “Yeah that is kind of weird, maybe the women are on the way.”  At this point the only women there were the two females that set up.  Being a heterosexual male I began to get nervous (not because I’m homophobic or anything) but because this was around the time I started bartending and had never experienced anything like this before.  Before I knew it the whole bar was filled with men.  I mean wall to wall, I couldn’t even see the door at this point.
I was busy the other bartender was busy and everything was just chaotic.  The host of the party (the gentlemen I referred to earlier), was actually homosexual and I would have never guessed it in a million years.  He seemed like any other guy, until he was around his friends and at that point it was evident.  I must admit that I made great money that night and enjoyed interacting with them, it was a different experience and broadened my horizons (in terms of learning how to interact with various people).  But the most important thing about that night, they were able to raise a good amount of money and toys to benefit those less fortunate in the community.
Christmas is the time of giving, so keep in mind those who are less fortunate than we are and donate a toy or money to your local church or “Toys for Tots” foundation.  Also, there is no point of driving up your credit card debt to purchase Christmas presents.  They will love you the same whether you buy them a gift or not (it’s the thought that counts), and if they don’t they’re probably not a person you need in your life anyway.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a story called "One in a Million."

            These stories are real accounts, so if you plan to drink and have a good time do so responsibly. Remember to call a cab or a friend because the cost of a DWI is way more than a $20 cab ride home. Also, if you plan or happen to take someone home use protection. For two reasons, one there are many STD’s floating out there and it only takes one to ruin your life or that of others. The second reason is because a $3 condom is less expensive then 18 years of raising a child.

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