Friday, October 1, 2010

Light a

             One of the interesting things about being a bartender is that you meet different kinds of people from different walks of life.  I’ve meet professional sports players, music artist, and probably millionaires that I’ve never heard of.  But on this particular night I met a female who was having a night out with a female friend, well, sort of.  She was actually at the bar to meet a member of the staff.  They had never met before and actually met on a dating website called  I’m not sure whether she was a victim of profile picture not matching the “real” picture, or if she just was not interested after conversating.  But she became disinterested in the guy she came to meet and began searching for other viable options.  The bar was fairly empty, it was a slow night, so by default guess who became the viable option.  Unfortunately it ended up being me, having talked to this woman for hours I pretty much knew her life story and wasn’t interested in getting to know her on a personal level.  She began asking me personal questions and having replied with total neglect she still decided to give me her number.  Being the nice person that I am, I held on to it until her departure and disposed of it in its proper place.  I threw it away and have been fortunate to not cross paths with her again.  I guess she found a better match on the dating website, I wish her the best and anyone looking for love on a dating website.
             These stories are real accounts, so if you plan to drink and have a good time do so responsibly. Remember to call a cab or a friend because the cost of a DWI is way more than a $20 cab ride home.  Also, if you plan or happen to take someone home use protection.  For two reasons, one there are many STD’s floating out there and it only takes one to ruin your life or that of others.  The second reason is because a $3 condom is less expensive then 18 years of raising a child.

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